Editing a zone

Engineer and User actions include Log, Isolate/Deisolate and Soak/Desoak for each zone as allowable by the Security Grade EN 50131 Grade 2 and EN 50131 Grade 3.

  1. Select Configuration > Inputs > All Zones.

      You can select Configuration > Inputs > X-Bus Zones to configure wired zones only or Configuration > Inputs > Wireless Zones to configure wireless zones only.
  2. Configure the fields as described in the table below.


    The number is presented for reference and can not be programmed.


    Enter a text (max. 16 characters) that serves to uniquely identify the zone.


    The physical input is displayed for reference and is not programmable.


    Select a type of zone from the drop down menu (see Zone types).


    Only if (multiple) Areas is activated. Select an area to which the zone is assigned from the drop down menu.


    Select if necessary the desired calendar (see Calendars).

    For Security Grade 2/3 a calendar can be assigned only to zones of type Exit Terminator, Technical, Key Arm, Shunt and X-Shunt. For Security Grade Unrestricted a zone of any type can be associated with a calendar.


    Tick the relevant checkbox for the zone. Only attributes that apply that type of zone will be presented (see Zone attributes).