Configuring system latch and auto set outputs

  1. Under Policy, click the Edit button for the Output Configuration option in System Options.

  1. Select the condition under which the latch output is activated:

    Entry Time

    Output turns on at the end of Exit time and off at the beginning of Entry time.

    Fire Exit

    Output turns on if any fire exit zones are active.


    Output turns on if any user unsets system momentary

    Alarm Reset

    Output turns on if an alarm is reset momentary.

    Resetting Alarm

    Output turns on during a setting procedure if glass break/smoke open and not in alarm.

    Engineer Exit

    Output turns on when an engineer exits from Engineer mode momentary.

    Keypad Valid PIN

    Output turns on when valid user PIN entered on keypad and fire zone is active

  2. Select the behavior of the output.


Output will remain on if auto set is active.


Output will follow keypad operation.


Output will give progressive warning of auto set.

Pulse Time

Select the duration that the auto set output will remain active when pulsed.